Tandem paragliding

Disponibilité de l'activité : du Dimanche 19 mai 2024 au Dimanche 19 mai 2024.

Who hasn’t dreamed of flying? Discover this amazing valley from the air above and fly over the anakolodge huts on your next trip! This is the ideal spot for your first paragliding flight…


Tandem flight with our instructors Samuel, Antoine and Olivier

When: throughout the year
Take off fields: alpage de l’Etoile, chottes du Tzaté, Béplan
Flight time: 15 to 30 minutes

  • Flight time : 15 minutes –  from CHF 150/person
  • Flight time : 30 minutes –  from CHF 180/person

– stay at anakolodge mayens
– professional FSVL instructor
– subject to weather conditions
– the trip will go ahead in bad weather but the flight will be postponed

– maximum passenger weight 85 kg

For further information or to book, email us at info@anakolodge.ch