In the Val d’Hérens, we rescued the ruins of 6 agricultural buildings destined to be demolished. They were restored in complete respect for local architectural tradition typical to the Valais region.



“2 Raccards” A raccard is an agricultural building made of larch wood beams which stands on wooden posts, based on granite stones to prevent mice climbing up. Families used to store grain, hay and animals in raccards. They would dry the corn in the sun on the balcony for use in winter. The area underneath the raccard used to be a stable for the Hérens cattle.

3 Granges” A grange is an agricultural building made from larch beams and set on top of a dry stone stable. Families used to store hay in the granges for use in winter with the livestock underneath in the stable. Granges were scattered all over the plains to avoid needlessly having to transport hay. In winter, cows were moved from grange to grange as and when the hay was depleted.

2 Greniers” A grenier is an agricultural building constructed from larch beams and laid on wooden posts atop granite stones to prevent mice from gaining access. Greniers were a great food store for the entire family – essential to the survival of the mountain population. Normally in the centre of a village, a grenier would be used to store food for several families. Under the grenier, there used to be a stable for the Hérens cattle.

We offer you the chance to experience a short stay in a mountain hut that has been completely renovated and rebuilt by the architect Olivier Cheseaux.